Paul Gannon Online 2010

Welcome to my new site.


Hello, and welcome to my web site.

My name is Paul Gannon and this web site for 2010. I've not updated it in what must be 12 months. I'm a bit out of the web design loop and it's why my site now has taken on a Blog-style feel. That's mainly because I've just used one of Themes from Google's Blogger application. Hopfully I can contentrate on adding some content and them maybe when I get back on my 'web-design feet' again I'll be able to come up with an unique and original design.

I've had a busy 12 months and I'm stlll searching the world for Paul Gannons. I follow some on facebook; I've found some on search engines; and recently I've joined LinkedIn and found some on there. Hopefully they'll see my site and want to be part of my 'Paul Gannon Project'. Some people may think it's a bit sad, but if I'd have beat Dave Gorman to it, I'd be rich and famous like he is. I've wanted to do this since I first ventured on to the Web in 1997, and now it's become reality :)

Discounting the last very busy 12 months I like designing, redesigning, developing and generally messing around with web sites, web site technologies and other online things. Over the years I've designed and redesigned quite a few web sites and you can take a look at these by clicking my Web Site Portfolio link to the right.

I hope you find some enlightenment whilst perusing my web site.

Thanks for taking the time to visit.