You don’t want to write your passwords on a piece of paper.

I use a password manager to store all of the passwords and secure notes. I suggest that you sign up for LastPass as it’s free’s the best place to store all your passwords. It’s uses Trust No One (TNO) encryption so only you can access your password vault.

Apple Pay – my initial thoughts

I’ve been thinking about this new payment system on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and somehow  Watch. I’ve not read any details about how each will work yet but I’m sure I’ll learn in time. 

We don’t even have iTunes Radio yet in the UK and I’ve just heard that  Pay will only be rolled out to part of the US? In the UK we are far more advanced in the terms of the NFC payment system already, or so it seems from what I can tell. In the UK most people’s credit/debit cards have NFC built into them and have done for at least, I think, 12 months or so. I use mine daily to pay for things like my lunch, groceries and other bits and bobs. Apple have added this functionality to the iPhone 6 and iPhons 6 Plus which is brilliant as everyone’s wallets wouldn’t need be filled with cards. I think this also puts Coin’s business on the back-foot in the US if ‘swiping to pay’ is phased out. I can’t see however why  Pay won’t be soon, if not immediately, coming to the UK as we have all the NFC enabled terminals in use already. 

I do hope that they provide a way for older iPhones to be able to use  Pay. 

Round Smart Watches

in tech are talking about smart watches and recently about the new LG G Watch
R  and about round watches being better than the
rectangular watches that have already been released. I’m a bit confused at this
as most digital watches since the 80s have been rectangular. I have a round
Rotary watch and a rectangular CASIO watch. I don’t really understand why
people who want a smart watch wouldn’t be happy wearing a rectangular shaped
watch on their wrist? Buttons on smart watches have been discussed too but I
think it would be very strange not to have at least once button (winder
style).  It has also been mentioned by
Leo Laporte on the TWiT network that not a lot of people seem to wear watches
these days as there is no need to, as everyone who carries a smartphone already
has a timepiece on them. I don’t know if this is mainly a US centric comment as
I live in the UK. I have always worn a watch since the 80s (since I learned how
to tell the time ?). I’m totally lost without a watch and would love
to own a smart watch. I thought about getting a Pebble but I’m waiting for the
iWatch which is rumoured from Apple. I do hope they release one on
9/9/2014  #fingerscrossed – I’ve been
saving my pennies for months ?

How do I watch TNT?

Mike Elgan the host of Tech News Today on the TWiT Network and he’s posed a question on his Google+ page which he advertised on Twitter

I think Tech News Today is a brilliant show and I watch it daily. Now I watch it in many different ways depending on what I’m doing or when I’m watching. If I can watch it Live, it’s on at approximately 18:00 UTC. I originally watched it on my iPhone using the TWiT app by ShiftKeySoftware. I then found another app, which I use now called TWiT Pro by Intentionally Blank. I have used both these apps to watch the show on my iPhone. I’ve also used these along with AirPlay to my AppleTV so that I can watch on my 42″ TV. I recently bought an Google Chromecast and found that these two apps didn’t work with it. I did however find another great app called TWiT-Stream by Tom Chisholm which will Cast the stream directly to my TV and I use this app all the time now. 

As I don’t always watch the Live shows every day at the time they are broadcast, I watch the netcast (podcast) at a later time. I subscribe to it on my favourite pod-catcher app Downcast by Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC

This app is also great as I can Cast it to Chromecast and watch it on my TV

Now you would have thought that was it. Oh, no. I’ve also watched online at and also using the Question Engine by PIXEL CORPS. 


I think that’s it 🙂

Homestarrunner to return… Yippee!

I’ve just read some fantastic news. One of the web sites I used to frequent in the late 90s and early 2000s was 

Now it may look like a basic cartoon… erm that’s kinda what it is, but that’s the beauty of it.  The main character is Homestarrunner (or Strong Bad depending on who you talk to) and then a bunch of other characters like The Cheat, Marzipan, Strong Sad and others.

There were various sections of the web site SB Email, Toons, Characters, and others – check out the web site.  I loved Stong Bad’s Emails each week.

I sat for hours watching and playing on this interactive site which was created in Macromedia Flash. At the time this was one of the BEST web sites I saw using this web technology. If you go to the site today it looks so small in the centre of the screen. This is because it was  designed in a time when web sites were designed for 800×600 resolution (and not too bad in 1024×768 either). We did only have 15″ screens back then afterall. These days screen resolutions are much higher and so the Flash object in the centre of the screen looks so tiny. Looking as it’s coming back I wonder whether they will 1. use Flash (as this won’t work on many devices; such as Apple iPhone, iPad etc.) 2. they will keep the resolution the same to keep old content available or will they make the whole site bigger? I hope they keep it the same. 3. will they create a podcast, have a Twitter account, facebook page or all the other new stuff that didn’t exist when this was first on?

So that’s all I have to say on the subject at the minute; so what you waiting for? Go check out


DTNS? What’s that I hear you say?

I listen to tech podcasts every day after I found the TWiT Network last year. One of the shows named Tech News Today (TNT) had a a great guy called Tom Merritt hosting it. I really enjoyed this show and I still do actually, under it’s new host. When Tom moved on from TNT he created his own show and podcast. His show is the same subject ‘Technology News’ and there is a new show daily. The name of this show is the Daily Tech News Show (DTNS) and can be found at 

The show is streamed live on Alpha Geek Radio ( at 21:30 BST not sure about other timezones. Tom hosts his show via a live Google Hangout so you can watch the show being recorded (video) on Google+ which I’ve done a few times. Tom records his show and releases it as an audio podcast. He also provides an unofficial video podcast too which includes ‘behind the scenes’ chat – I try and download this one as seeing the guests is much better. 

The show is funded by Patrons of the show rather than advertisements. This a brilliant way of monetising the show and running it as a business. Now, it’s not compulsory to be a Patron or even pay for the privilege of listening to the podcast but thousands of people do. I give 5 cents a day (or a dollar a month) as a donation to help fund the show. The show is really popular. The show, as of today, is receiving $11,226.29 per month in donations from Patrons like me. That seems a lot however I’m sure bandwidth and hosting aren’t cheap; and he has to pay himself and his producer a wage (as this is his career). The cost to me at around 58 pence per month is nothing at all as I get so much information out of this show and Tom is great at presenting techology news in a clear and understandable way. 

If you fancy giving the show a go then go to or if you have a pod-catcher on your phone; tablet;PC; or other device search for ‘Daily Tech News Show’. 

If you like the show and want to contribute to its costs and help it keep running then you can check out Tom’s Patreon (

You can also support the show by buying a Daily Tech News Show T-shirt ( I’ve got one. Check how good I look    

Tom doesn’t expect any money, so giving to his Patreon or buying the t-shirt is a win; but not everyone can do that so why not just tell people about his show; that will help him loads. Why not share this blog post and get the word out 🙂 Thanks.

Withins brook clean-up 3

Over the past two days, the work has been carried out to lay down a weed-suppressing membrane and stones to the floor of the brook. I personally am very impressed with the work done. Take a look at how amazing it looks. Hopefully it will stay like this. 


Google Street-view wifi sniffing

They did this years ago. I’m not surprised or concerned. I mean, so what if they got my ssid? I had a working android device once so they also have my ssid and password. I’m still not concerned. I can change both if I really want to. What are they going to do with it, well I have no idea? Are they going to log into my home network? I don’t think so, there is nothing if interest to them on my home network so I’m not too fussed about them collecting my router’s ssid.

Red Dwarf Skins and Cases for your phones

I want to let you know that one of my Twitter Friends, James, has a business called Diabloskinz that sells Skins and Cases for all sorts of devices – such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, and many other types of mobile phone models.  

I found his business online and loved their products. 

I asked James whether Diabloskinz sold Red Dwarf skins/cases as I wanted one for my iPhone 4S. Unfortunately he didn’t have the rights to created Red Dwarf ones because he can’t use copyrighted images. I really wanted one and so contacted Doug Naylor at Grant Naylor Productions (Doug is the co-creator or Red Dwarf). I suggested that these would sell like hot cakes as everyone has a mobile phone these days.  So, I put him in touch with James and the rest is history and now you can buy Red Dwarf skins/case to jazz up your devices. 

Check out this link to visit the Diabloskinz web site to buy one or two.

Response: Park users could be asked to pay by cash-strapped councils

I’ve read the following article on the Yahoo News Digest app today

Park users could be asked to pay by cash-strapped councils

Councils seriously can’t be thinking of charging people to use parks? This is the most ridiculous idea I’ve ever heard. Parks keep our children healthy by allowing our children to play and get some fresh air in a safe environment. Charging adults to let their children ‘play outside’ is just bonkers. It could eventually lead to kids hanging about on the streets to play (especially for those parents who couldn’t afford to pay for the privilege). Anti social behaviour would possibly increase with children hanging around street corners. 

Thinking a about it, it would be like a tax on Fresh Air. 

What do you think?