Hello, and welcome to web site.

My name is Paul Gannon. Born and Bred in Bolton, Lancashire.  I work as an IT Engineer in Greater Manchester.

My passions are anything IT related, Technology related, the Internet, Social Networking, Television, Web Design. Huge Fan of Chris Moyles - he's funny. I like Red Dwarf too.

IT : I work as an IT Engineer for NHS Greater Manchester Shared Services. 

Technology: I love technology and gadgets. You will probably never find me without my iPhone (although at the moment I'm using Moto G3 as my iphone had an unfortunate accident with a toilet). I watch Technology podcasts daily to keep up with current tech news and trends. A couple I watch are DTNSTWiT shows, and TekThing.

Social Networking :  I spend some on-line time on one social network or another. It’s mainly Twitter at the moment. I'm not finding Facebook very interesting any more and although Google+ was a novelty at first I seem to have got bored of that too. You can find my social links on my site.

The Internet: My love of all things Internet related is a major passion. I use the internet in some shape or form, almost every hour of my life – when I'm awake. Whether it be for work or pleasure I feel being connected to the World is enormously satisfying.

Television : I love television and watch a heck of as lot of it; i do it because it doesn't cost me a lot of money to do it and I can relax whilst doing it. If I were to tell you which programmes I like and which I get to watch I would possibly have enough to create a whole web site about it; so I'm not going to lol.

Web Design : I’ve not done any serious web design for about 6 years. I'm a bit rusty and so I'm dipping my toes back into the shark-infested web design world once again and hopefully I’ll get back into it.

Discounting the last very busy few years I still like designing, redesigning, developing and generally messing around with web sites, web site technologies and other on-line things. Over the years I've designed and redesigned quite a few web sites and you can take a look at these by clicking my Web link.

I hope you enjoy looking around my site. Thanks for visiting.