1994-1995 – PWS Dental Laboratory

PWS Dental Laboratory PWS Dental Laboratory

As I’d got used to a wage in my pocket when working for Littlewoods I decided to hopefully take the apprenticeship at PWS Dental Laboratory. This was supposed to be one day release for college to eventually become a Dental Technician. This suited me, however things didn’t go to plan. My GCSEs weren’t good enough to enable me to go for college one day a week … apparently. So I became a Dental Assistant and worked here until I decided to go to college – with a little encouragement from one of the Technicians who could see this job really wasn’t my cup of tea.

Whilst I spent 13 months at PWS I started on Dupes. This was duplicating models of people’s teeth (casts).  I also put casts on articulators – these were a metal jaw-replicating device. I wasn’t very good at doing these and my boss always belittled me for it. Anyway I also used to make casts of people’s teeth but only when my friend was off, as that was his job. I hated working at PWS as my boss was the most horrible man I’ve even known. My one releif was when he moved me into the Chrome department casting (injecting molten metal into a mould) and polishing up Chrome dentures.

So basically I worked here until I left and went to college, which was the best decision I ever made