How do I watch TNT?

Mike Elgan the host of Tech News Today on the TWiT Network and he’s posed a question on his Google+ page which he advertised on Twitter

I think Tech News Today is a brilliant show and I watch it daily. Now I watch it in many different ways depending on what I’m doing or when I’m watching. If I can watch it Live, it’s on at approximately 18:00 UTC. I originally watched it on my iPhone using the TWiT app by ShiftKeySoftware. I then found another app, which I use now called TWiT Pro by Intentionally Blank. I have used both these apps to watch the show on my iPhone. I’ve also used these along with AirPlay to my AppleTV so that I can watch on my 42″ TV. I recently bought an Google Chromecast and found that these two apps didn’t work with it. I did however find another great app called TWiT-Stream by Tom Chisholm which will Cast the stream directly to my TV and I use this app all the time now. 

As I don’t always watch the Live shows every day at the time they are broadcast, I watch the netcast (podcast) at a later time. I subscribe to it on my favourite pod-catcher app Downcast by Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC

This app is also great as I can Cast it to Chromecast and watch it on my TV

Now you would have thought that was it. Oh, no. I’ve also watched online at and also using the Question Engine by PIXEL CORPS. 


I think that’s it 🙂

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