Round Smart Watches

in tech are talking about smart watches and recently about the new LG G Watch
R  and about round watches being better than the
rectangular watches that have already been released. I’m a bit confused at this
as most digital watches since the 80s have been rectangular. I have a round
Rotary watch and a rectangular CASIO watch. I don’t really understand why
people who want a smart watch wouldn’t be happy wearing a rectangular shaped
watch on their wrist? Buttons on smart watches have been discussed too but I
think it would be very strange not to have at least once button (winder
style).  It has also been mentioned by
Leo Laporte on the TWiT network that not a lot of people seem to wear watches
these days as there is no need to, as everyone who carries a smartphone already
has a timepiece on them. I don’t know if this is mainly a US centric comment as
I live in the UK. I have always worn a watch since the 80s (since I learned how
to tell the time ?). I’m totally lost without a watch and would love
to own a smart watch. I thought about getting a Pebble but I’m waiting for the
iWatch which is rumoured from Apple. I do hope they release one on
9/9/2014  #fingerscrossed – I’ve been
saving my pennies for months ?

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