Hi there. First it all thank you for visiting my web site. To be honest I don’t get many visitors to my site any more. I have let my web site become a tad stagnant. However I hope to change that. Not got any ideas about how yet, but I’m sure that’ll change. 

So I guess you already know my name is Paul Gannon? I was born in Bolton, Lancashire in the North West of the UK. Bolton is now part of Greater Manchester and has been for a while now. 

I worked hard in my life to get to where I am now. If you want a brief look at my education and work history – click the relevant heading.  
Many great people have come from Bolton: Peter Kay (Comedian), Ruth Hamilton (Author), Fred Dibnah (Steeplejack), Vernon Kay (TV Presenter and Radio DJ), Sara Cox (Radio DJ); Laura White (Singer – X Factor); Amir Khan (Boxer) and of course… Me. If you want to know more famous people from Bolton, check out this Wikipedia link

I currently work as an IT Engineer for the NHS in Greater Manchester. My job is great; I get to drive around in my car fixing IT related issues for clinicians and office based staff – a perfect job. It could pay more though 😉

I used to created web sites for fun; whilst in education; as well as for various companies I’ve worked for through the years. I’ve not done much web design recently but concentrated more on IT Support. You can take a look at the web sites I’ve worked on by choosing Web Design from the menu.