Well we went to Scotland today. It took us 8 and a half hours and I’m bloody knackered. I drive for the first 4 hours and the did the last half hour stint. We stopped a couple of times along the way. I thought if share this picture with you ad I doubt I will ever stop at this layby ever again in my entire life. So here it is

It’s Layby 77 on the A9. Exciting isn’t it? Well, not particularly however I am trying to find things to blog about and this seemed about as interesting as anything 😉

We’re stopping at a caravan park/camp site but sleeping in a bunk house. It’s pretty basic but what do you want for a tenner a night? I’m quite enjoying the whole experience, although I think my girlfriend and her mum feel like fish out of water lol. Anyway. I’m gonna get some sleep now. Blog tomorrow hopefully.

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Scotland – day 1