Sunday we went to a Christening and Holy Communion. Not being Catholic and not being a regular church goer, I did feel a little strange and like a fish out of water. It was nice a service. There was a little buffet afterward for the kids and adults too. Jelly and ice-cream – yum.

After about two and a half hours at church we all went back to Sue’s brother’s house a party. The drinks flowed and another buffet. They had a huge bouncy castle in their back garden. It had a batman and spiderman suit with big boxing gloves. I went on it and all of the kids decided to attack me – it was hilarious. Drinks flowed all night and I had quite a lot to drink. The adults ended up in the living room playing a dancing game on the Wii. I wasn’t very good. Although I don’t know whether it was because of the drink or just because I’m rubbish at dancing. I think a little of both.

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Scotland – day 2