I love my iPhone

I am permanently connetected these days. I love my iPhone because it lets me keep in-touch with everyone I know. I hardly use it for it’s primary function – i.e. a telephone. I use it for everything. Here are a few things i do on it

– It’s my alarm clock,
– It’s my iPod,
– I check multiple email accounts both POP3 and Web-Based.
– It’s my digital camera,
– It’s my radio and radio recorder
– It’s my Televsion
– It’s my todo and task manager
– it’s my camera
– It’s my blogging tool
– it’s my primary internet browser
– Its my PC remote support tool
– It’s my Twitter client
– It’s my Sat Nav

– It’s over a 100 more tools in one device. I love it. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a device as versatile as this one.

Thanks it for now

I LOVE my iPhone