Ooooooooo I can’t wait until June 21st.

I only have an iPhone 3GS but at least I can run the new operating system. I would love the new hardware but there is no way I can afford it and I’m also stuck in my current contract for at last another 15 months lol. I’m really looking forward to this update as I love my iPhone and anything that will make it even more functional can only be a good thing 🙂

I’ve had a thought about all of the applications I currently have. They will surely need updating to work with iOS4. I can see great improvments which I could make to some of them with all of the extra APIs available.

I see that Apple have gone down the cooperative multitasking route to conserve processor usage. I remember that from Windows 3.1 lol. 20 year old technology yay!

I’m laughed when at the WWDC the audience clapped when Steve Jobs mentioned folders. Wooo wondrous folders lol.

All this said. I’ve not watched the whole of the WWDC so I’m probably making fun of it for the wrong reason. All this piss taking aside I love my iPhone and my friends call me an iPhone evangelist and fanboi, so well done apple. I can’t wait.