WOW it turns out that my email address has won a cash prize. How totally wonderful for me. I’m rich. Isn’t it nice that Tim Howard has taken time out from his training in South Africa to let me know that I’ve won this much money? I presume it’s the same Tim Howard – USA and Everton goalkeeper? I’ll tell you what I’ll do, i’ll just pop all of my contact details on to this email and send it back to the Yahoo account it came from shall I? Erm, I don’t think so…

Here is it so you can have a laugh:

Your Email Address Has Won You A cash prize of $800,000USD In the UK Lottery E-Promotion Held in United Kingdom.
To claim your prize Contact Tim Howard.

1: Name,
3:Mobile No,
6: Occupation.
7: Country
All Response should be mail to:-

Timothy Howard

Now I know there are some people who reply to this sort of email because they don’t know any better. My advise is never reply to this sort of email for a number of reasons.

1. This is probably sent out to hundreds if not thousands of emails addresses at a time. If they get it gets a reply it knows that your email account is a ‘working’ email account and they will send more junk mail to you.

2. They may use your legit details to do something naughty or bad and who may get the blame or suffer? You, probably.

3. You will leave yourself open to identity fraud.

My tip is, if you receive an email from someone you don’t know, or aren’t expecting an email from someone (because you may be member of mailing lists which you want to be a member of), delete it and ignore it. I realise that for most people this is general knowledge but if this blog post stops just one person from being scammed I will be happy.

Take care,

Wow, shock, and total Gob-smack-ed-ness