I would love to use Apple’s MobileMe service – as being able to find my lost precious iPhone would be fantastic. However I just can’t afford to pay Apple any more money!

I’ve already paid a small fortune for the 32GB 3GS handset. I’m on a 24 month contract which costs me a more than double what my first-ever mobile contract cost. I pay for apps from the AppStore – and Apple get cut of these profits. I buy stuff from iTunes (music, videos) and Apple must get a cut of this too.

I may as well, just get my salary paid to Apple?!

I absolutely love my iPhone but c’mon Apple, give us something for nothing – it’s not like you can’t afford it? You are making money hand-over-fist with your iProducts. I can get most services for free elsewhere; but not this one.

Please, please please, make more stuff available for free – including MobileMe.