I found a cool app on iTunes a few months back called Microsoft Tag and it looked quite interesting. So I downloaded it to my iPhone and it was a kind-of bar-code reader. I logged in to the Microsoft Tag web site with my Windows Live account and I set up my first tags, one for this site and one for my Red Dwarf site. So below are both of the tags I created. If you have the tag reader on your mobile, you scan the tag and it’ll open the web browser and automatically take you to my sites – on your mobile of course 😉 The sites haven’t been written to work with ‘mobile web’ so they may look a bit rubbish if you cant view the ‘full web’ on your phone.

I’ve since seen this type of technology used to download applications for Android mobile phones which is pretty cool. I’ve seen another tag system used within the SUBWAY® Restaurant iPhone app (SUBCARD®) which provides a way to redeem points to get free Subs . I do think these are brilliant uses of technology.

MS Tag