I’ve been watching Robert’s CarPool and a and his other personal YouTube videos for however long I can remember. I’ve met Robert at Red Dwarf conventions I know that he’s a really cool guy. I’ve been following his CarPool and love the format and then Gearless which he’s now rebranded as FullyCharged. I’m so glad that he’s doing this off his own back because if it were done by a television company then the arguments for and against petrol / electric cars could be biased? Although saying that, Rob is, towards the latter lol. Personally I think that electric cars are going to eventually replace petrol ones. Maybe not in our lifetime but one day I’m sure. We are at the relative beginning of this adventure and it’s people like Robert who will help kickstart thoughts about the electric car in normal folks’ minds.


Love the series Rob. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next episode.


Fully Charged by Robert Llewellyn