I love listening to The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1. He has the breakfast show from 6:30 till 10:00.

Chris and his team have entertained a nation for years on the breakfast show and before that the afternoon and Saturday shows. I have listened to him for all of his time on Radio 1. Chris Moyles and Dave Vitty are great, and their style of broadcasting is exactly to my tastes. Being around the same age as these guys – around 24 πŸ˜‰ haha – the stuff they talk about is what I have grown up with. They literally have me laughing out loud each day.

The rest of Chris’s team complement the show brilliantly and I think he has picked the perfect people to work with. I love them all, and because I’ve been listening for so long I feel like part of The Chris Moyles Show Family.

I text into the show every day in hope that one of my texts will get read out. I have had one read out, although it was a number of yeas ago. They were talking about a fit girl that they all fancied from on the Aussie soap Home & Away. All they could remember was that she was played by ‘Rebekah.. Elemalogolog’ [sic]. I text in to say that Rebekah Elmaloglou played Sophie and after the next record it got read out. I was over the moon that ‘my’ text had been read out. I bet thousands of people text in to say the same thing lol; but Chris read it out exactly as I’d sent it so it ‘must’ have been my text πŸ™‚

Another time, a few years earlier, I got excited was when I phoned or text in (can’t remember which) for one of their competitions. It was for one of the Saturday shows. I listened every week and they had a competition one week in which the prize was to go to a pub in Leeds and be in the audience when they pre-recorded a show. I think it was for the Christmas Day show? They phoned listeners who’d entered during the show on the Saturday and if you answered the phone with ‘Hello, I’m listening’ then you won. So I entered and then forgot about it thinking that’s I’d have ‘no’ chance. One evening during the next week I received a call on my mobile and it was the producer of the show. She was just checking to see if I would be listening on Saturday should I be phoned. I was in total shock and said ‘Yes. I’ve even sorted out my transport to Leeds should I win’ as at that point I’d never been to Leeds and hadn’t a clue how to get there, and she laughed. After I hung up I was buzzing with excitement. I felt I’d already won; and expected to be speaking with Chris Moyles on Saturday. Saturday arrived and the point came during the show which he was going to phone a listener. I had my phone in my hand and was ready, but guess what? The phone never rang. He’d phoned someone else. I was gutted. I don’t think I can tell you how gutted I felt. But, I thought, Ah well maybe next time?

Anyway, I’ll be listening to the show for as long as they do it for. They cheer me up each morning on the way to work πŸ™‚

If Radio 1 don’t renew Chris’ contract at the end of this week they need their heads reading. Although I very much doubt that they will do that as Chris is the Saviour of Radio 1 and should stay as long as he wants. Hopefully until he retires. That’s a long time, seeing as he’s only 24 πŸ˜‰

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The Chris Moyles Show