I have an idea for a television quiz show in my head and I’ve been thinking about it for months and months, and even more months.

I was listening to The Chris Moyles Show this morning, as I do every morning. Aled Haydn Jones, the show’s producer had come up with game for the show which was a similar idea to the one in my head. So I thought I’d get mine out into the wild and then hopefully it can be made. If I can make some money out of it then all the better 😉

I LOVE television and some just might say I’m a television addict. I also LOVE television theme tunes and have collected hundreds over the years. I have bought umpteen CDs with TV themes – I just love them – you might even call me a tv geek lol. So guess what my idea is? No idea? 😉

Well, it all revolves around two teams and one host and would be a quiz based show around guessing TV Theme Tunes from different genre’s, different decades, and even themes from different countries. There could even be a video round with clips of TV themes with no sound and they have to guess it, and possibly sing it.

I don’t think this show would get boring as there are so many great theme tunes throughout television history.

I personally think that TV companies have over-done the ‘All Star This’ and ‘Celebrity That’ type quiz show and although I do enjoy some of these I feel that this needs to be a mixture of celeb and general public. So, whether this quiz show would have just the host who is the celebrity or the team captains could be celebrities, the main team members must be the general public.

There is only one person I can think to be the host of the quiz, one person who has as much knowledge of TV themes as me, one person who is fun, and who I’d love to work with. Yes, I am thinking that Chris Moyles is the only possible choice.

If I’ve posted this on my blog and it’s dated today, does that mean I own the idea? Aled did a similar thing on the radio this morning, which i’m now a bit ambivalent about. I feel aggrieved that someone else has come up with almost the same idea as me but on the other hand it’d be great to see a show like this on the television.

Does that mean I own the copyright? I have no idea; but if someone from a television company is interested in my idea and wants to contact me, please feel free to click here. Aled, if you want to discuss the show or other ideas send me a tweet @paulgannon 🙂

Other ideas:

I would love to work for a television company. I have ideas coming in to my head all the time; however I never document them, which is a bit silly really. I had an idea for a new show this morning whilst driving to work; but I’ve forgotten what it was now.

One thing I dislike is a lot of quiz shows have prizes which now go to charity, and although on one side this is great for the charity, it does nothing to make the general public feel wanted.

I remember games like Bullseye, and Blockbusters, and Family Fortunes and many more, where the general public actually won prizes and cash. Although some of these were tacky – or seem tacky now, by today’s standards – were great for lifting public spirit.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like seeing celebs having fun and it’s good to see them playing off against each other to make us laugh. That’s their job 🙂

My TV Show idea