I’ve been thinking about this since for a month or two. When I saw 3D come out – first on the big screen, and then to television – I thought this won’t last. However I personally think 3D is a fad. 3D is to TV what DAB was to radio. I think it will stick around until a new technology comes along.

My thoughts on the future of television is not 3D – but Holographic. It seems pretty futuristic, but considering the speed at which technology getting better I foresee that we will be able to watch Holographic television, say, in the centre of our living rooms floor. It may start off with a projector that sits atop of your original television set and project a full hologram of the programmes content into your living room.

Imagine having an image akin to Princess Leah which was projected from R2D2 in Star Wars. Now that would be cool. We wouldn’t need to wear 3D glasses either 🙂

I may be way off the mark here and it may never happen; but who knows? It may not even work the way I’m thinking, but imagine being able to sit in a projected version of The Queen Vic or The Rovers Return? Pretty cool.

That’s all for now

Thanks for reading my drivel lol

3DTV will be the past: possibly?