Today Chris announced, after the news at around 8:06am, that he is leaving Radio 1.
To say I’m gutted in an understatement. I have been listening to Chris Moyles, his team and his shows on Radio 1 since 1998, when he was on afternoons. Almost 14 years I’ve listen to Chris on Radio 1 and I feel I know him personally and he’s like a good friend. Radio 1’s demographic, they want, is for 15 to 29 year olds. I was within that age bracket when I started listening. Now I’m over 30 they don’t want me any more – fair enough. Wherever Chris goes I’ll be there. I’m a fan of the Chris Moyles Show, Chris himself and his fantastic team.
I do realise that life goes on and Chris was always going to leave Radio 1 at some point in his career, but I’m still a little upset.
I’d love to wish Chris all the best for the future and hope he lets his fans stay in his life in some way; wherever his career takes him.
I hope the rest of his team go on to something just as great as the time they’ve had on the Chris Moyles Show
Chris Moyles announced today that he’s leaving Radio 1