I’ve been awaiting iTunes 11 since it was initially revealed by Apple earlier this year. I heard yesterday on iClarified that iTunes was released.

The install didn’t take so long and was available by Apple’s Software Update feature.

The layout of iTunes has changed somewhat but it’s quite intuitive. I did however watch the short tutorial videos to give me a clue as to what to click on.

Wow it’s fast, well I say fast but it’s fast for my machine anyway 🙂

I synced my iPhone and adding content is faster too. I’m quite impressed so far. I’ve yet to see of it’ll be easier to tidy up my library yet though.

One thing that confused me was that they are pushing iCloud and iTunes Match but nowhere did it say you had to pay for it? Maybe I missed it? I doubt I’d use it anyway though.

So iTunes 11 so far so good

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iTunes 11