Toward the end of last year I started watched TWiT regularly. So regularly that it’s taken over my life. I love it.

What TWiT is is a company based out in Petaluma, California which broadcasts it’s own technology-based shows on the Internet. I’m not too sure about the history of the company but from what I can gather it’s being going for years – well, 10 in fact. I only know this because it’s been talked about on the show recently.

I’d seen this show a long while ago (maybe 12 months?) when Robert Llewellyn was a guest on it. Robert plays Kryten from the television series Red Dwarf and because I have met him on a number of occasions; I thought he’d be good to listen to.

Well anyway. I’d not watched it again until around late October or November last year and totally forgot about it. I can’t quite remember how I stumbled across it again but I watched podcast named This Week in Tech. The show was basically a host and a number of guests chatting about tech. I found this really interesting. I then looked into it and found that the company that broadcasts this show is actually named after the podcast.

I now watch a number of their shows – sometimes Live and sometimes as Podcasts.

It you want to check this out visit

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