Today, around 10-or-so people volunteered their time to help clean out the former brook that runs along Withins Lane in Radcliffe. Organised by the Withins Community Association, the former brook which was once in a dilapidated state was again cleaned of litter, over grown weeds and obstructive foliage. The Association had asked local residents, from adjoining streets, for their help in cleaning out the brook. This is so that a weed suppressing membrane can be laid on the floor of the brook and then put stone-chipping on top. The idea of this is to keep the brook clear of weeds and hope that passers by will stop fly-tipping and dropping litter into the brook.

This is the third of such successful clean-ups organised by Withins Community Association. A local resident said ‘I only wish people would learn to use a litter bin and not throw rubbish into the brook. It’s been a long afternoon cleaning this up and has cost 10 people two and a half hours of their time.’

There is some work still to be done on the brook. All of the litter has been removed but their is still a number of weeds that still need to be pulled up. Hopefully this work will be completed soon.

Below are some photographs of the clean brook.



Withins brook clean-up