I want to let you know that one of my Twitter Friends, James, has a business called Diabloskinz that sells Skins and Cases for all sorts of devices – such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, and many other types of mobile phone models.  

I found his business online and loved their products. 

I asked James whether Diabloskinz sold Red Dwarf skins/cases as I wanted one for my iPhone 4S. Unfortunately he didn’t have the rights to created Red Dwarf ones because he can’t use copyrighted images. I really wanted one and so contacted Doug Naylor at Grant Naylor Productions (Doug is the co-creator or Red Dwarf). I suggested that these would sell like hot cakes as everyone has a mobile phone these days.  So, I put him in touch with James and the rest is history and now you can buy Red Dwarf skins/case to jazz up your devices. 

Check out this link to visit the Diabloskinz web site to buy one or two. 


Red Dwarf Skins and Cases for your phones

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