I listen to tech podcasts every day after I found the TWiT Network last year. One of the shows named Tech News Today (TNT) had a a great guy called Tom Merritt hosting it. I really enjoyed this show and I still do actually, under it’s new host. When Tom moved on from TNT he created his own show and podcast. His show is the same subject ‘Technology News’ and there is a new show daily. The name of this show is the Daily Tech News Show (DTNS) and can be found at http://dailytechnewsshow.com

The show is streamed live on Alpha Geek Radio (http://www.alphageekradio.com/) at 21:30 BST not sure about other timezones. Tom hosts his show via a live Google Hangout so you can watch the show being recorded (video) on Google+ which I’ve done a few times. Tom records his show and releases it as an audio podcast. He also provides an unofficial video podcast too which includes ‘behind the scenes’ chat – I try and download this one as seeing the guests is much better.

The show is funded by Patrons of the show rather than advertisements. This a brilliant way of monetising the show and running it as a business. Now, it’s not compulsory to be a Patron or even pay for the privilege of listening to the podcast but thousands of people do. I give 5 cents a day (or a dollar a month) as a donation to help fund the show. The show is really popular. The show, as of today, is receiving $11,226.29 per month in donations from Patrons like me. That seems a lot however I’m sure bandwidth and hosting aren’t cheap; and he has to pay himself and his producer a wage (as this is his career). The cost to me at around 58 pence per month is nothing at all as I get so much information out of this show and Tom is great at presenting techology news in a clear and understandable way.

If you fancy giving the show a go then go to http://dailytechnewsshow.com or if you have a pod-catcher on your phone; tablet;PC; or other device search for ‘Daily Tech News Show’.

If you like the show and want to contribute to its costs and help it keep running then you can check out Tom’s Patreon (http://www.patreon.com/acedtect).

You can also support the show by buying a Daily Tech News Show T-shirt (http://www.slashloot.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=016-01-Daily-Tech-News-Show-Te). I’ve got one. Check how good I look

Tom doesn’t expect any money, so giving to his Patreon or buying the t-shirt is a win; but not everyone can do that so why not just tell people about his show; that will help him loads. Why not share this blog post and get the word out 🙂 Thanks.

DTNS? What’s that I hear you say?

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