I’ve just read some fantastic news. One of the web sites I used to frequent in the late 90s and early 2000s was homestarrunner.com 

Now it may look like a basic cartoon… erm that’s kinda what it is, but that’s the beauty of it.  The main character is Homestarrunner (or Strong Bad depending on who you talk to) and then a bunch of other characters like The Cheat, Marzipan, Strong Sad and others.

There were various sections of the web site SB Email, Toons, Characters, and others – check out the web site.  I loved Stong Bad’s Emails each week.

I sat for hours watching and playing on this interactive site which was created in Macromedia Flash. At the time this was one of the BEST web sites I saw using this web technology. If you go to the site today it looks so small in the centre of the screen. This is because it was  designed in a time when web sites were designed for 800×600 resolution (and not too bad in 1024×768 either). We did only have 15″ screens back then afterall. These days screen resolutions are much higher and so the Flash object in the centre of the screen looks so tiny. Looking as it’s coming back I wonder whether they will 1. use Flash (as this won’t work on many devices; such as Apple iPhone, iPad etc.) 2. they will keep the resolution the same to keep old content available or will they make the whole site bigger? I hope they keep it the same. 3. will they create a podcast, have a Twitter account, facebook page or all the other new stuff that didn’t exist when this was first on?

So that’s all I have to say on the subject at the minute; so what you waiting for? Go check out homestarrunner.com

Homestarrunner to return… Yippee!

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