Mike Elgan the host of Tech News Today on the TWiT Network and he’s posed a question on his Google+ page which he advertised on Twitter

I think Tech News Today is a brilliant show and I watch it daily. Now I watch it in many different ways depending on what I’m doing or when I’m watching. If I can watch it Live, it’s on at approximately 18:00 UTC. I originally watched it on my iPhone using the TWiT app by ShiftKeySoftware. I then found another app, which I use now called TWiT Pro by Intentionally Blank. I have used both these apps to watch the show on my iPhone. I’ve also used these along with AirPlay to my AppleTV so that I can watch on my 42″ TV. I recently bought an Google Chromecast and found that these two apps didn’t work with it. I did however find another great app called TWiT-Stream by Tom Chisholm which will Cast the stream directly to my TV and I use this app all the time now. 

As I don’t always watch the Live shows every day at the time they are broadcast, I watch the netcast (podcast) at a later time. I subscribe to it on my favourite pod-catcher app Downcast by Jamawkinaw Enterprises LLC

This app is also great as I can Cast it to Chromecast and watch it on my TV

Now you would have thought that was it. Oh, no. I’ve also watched online at http://live.twit.tv and also using the Question Engine by PIXEL CORPS. 


I think that’s it 🙂

How do I watch TNT?

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