I’ve been thinking about this new payment system on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and somehow  Watch. I’ve not read any details about how each will work yet but I’m sure I’ll learn in time.

We don’t even have iTunes Radio yet in the UK and I’ve just heard that  Pay will only be rolled out to part of the US? In the UK we are far more advanced in the terms of the NFC payment system already, or so it seems from what I can tell. In the UK most people’s credit/debit cards have NFC built into them and have done for at least, I think, 12 months or so. I use mine daily to pay for things like my lunch, groceries and other bits and bobs. Apple have added this functionality to the iPhone 6 and iPhons 6 Plus which is brilliant as everyone’s wallets wouldn’t need be filled with cards. I think this also puts Coin’s business on the back-foot in the US if ‘swiping to pay’ is phased out. I can’t see however why  Pay won’t be soon, if not immediately, coming to the UK as we have all the NFC enabled terminals in use already.

I do hope that they provide a way for older iPhones to be able to use  Pay.

Apple Pay – my initial thoughts

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