Photo of Paul

Welcome to my web site.

My name is Paul Gannon and I’m from Bolton in the North West of the United Kingdom. I spent many years updating my website over and over again trying out new web design techniques and hopefully making it look better each time. Over the past number of years, however, I lost interest in working on my website, and it kinda lost it’s way. I was more interested in browsing the Web rather than updating it.

Anyway, as it’s now 2018 I thought I’d finally the try and give this site an update. Hopefully, if I do it it may have more recent and accurate content on it.

I worked hard in my life to get to where I am now. If you want a brief look at my Employment History, Work Experience and education HisoryWork Experience, and Education History hopefully you will see how hard I’ve worked.

I currently work as an IT Engineer for the NHS in Greater Manchester. My job is great; I get to drive around in my car fixing IT related issues for clinicians and office based staff – a perfect job. It could pay more though 😉

I used to create websites for fun; whilst in education; as well as for various companies I’ve worked for through the years. I’ve not done much web design recently but concentrated more on IT Support.